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What is Logistics Management?

Logistic management is actually the governance of supply chain management. This will help organizations plan, manage and implement processes for moving and storing of goods. As far as logistics management companies are concerned, they typically include inbound and outbound transportation management. They also have fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, inventory control, logistics network design, order fulfillment, supply/demand planning, and management of third-party logistics service providers. Aeron Shipping is a leading logistic company in Abu Dhabi to provide excellent logistics services.

Functions of Logistics Management

To varied degrees, logistics management includes several different functions. The functions are customer service, sourcing and procurement, packaging, production planning, scheduling, and assembling. When talking a little deeper, logistics management is part of all the levels of planning and execution of service. This includes all three ways, strategic, operational, and tactical.

When talking further, it coordinates all the logistics activities. It will integrate logistics activities along with other functions such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, and also information technology.

Why is Logistics Management Important?

Effective logistics management is important for companies due to many reasons. If we choose good logistic management, it will ensure that products are shipped in the most economical, safe, efficient, and timely manner. This will definitely bring more satisfied customers and it will be cost-saving for the companies. With excellence in providing logistic services, Aeron shipping is one of the best freight forwarding companies in Dubai.

Poor logistics management will result in damaged or delayed shipments. This will lead to dissatisfied customers. There will be scrapped products and more returns. These problems’ consequences include reaching higher costs and customer relations problems. Thus it is necessary to avoid these kinds of logistics problems. To avoid these kinds of consequences, effective logistics management includes careful planning and execution. It needs proper software system selection, proper vetting, and selection of outsourced vendors. Moreover, it is necessary to have adequate resources to handle the process.

The Process of Logistics Management

Logistics management usually consists of processes for inbound and outbound logistics traffic. When we consider inbound logistics, it is the process of moving goods from suppliers to the warehouse, and after that into a production facility to create products. It will be anything like raw materials, component parts, tools, office equipment, and supplies.

When we consider outbound logistics, it is the process of moving finished products out of warehouse inventory and then shipping them to other places wherever required. Aeron shipping is one of the best shipping companies in Abu Dhabi delivering the best services to clients.

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