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What is Logistics? Is it the Same as Transportation?

What is logistics? To put it simply, it is the transportation of goods to the customer within the time. Goods are to be transported from the place of their origin to their consumption. Though it seems easy, it is not as easy as it seems. The importance of logistics cannot be defined in words. As the world develops at a rapid pace, logistics has become an inevitable part of the business industry. Aeron is one of the leading cargo shipping companies in Abu Dhabi. Established businesses nowadays cannot think of doing international business without logistics. And we are trusted for the professionalism we maintain over years.


Difference between transport and logistics


People do not have a clear idea about the difference between transport and logistics. Many think that both can be used interchangeably and there is hardly any difference between them. If you are a person who believes that both are the same, then it’s time to change your perspective. In simple words, transportation is just a part of logistics.

Transportation is limited to just transporting goods through different channels of transportation. It includes transportation by road, sea, or air. On the other hand, logistics is a much wider term. It encompasses many things including transport management. Every activity that facilitates the smooth transportation of products is concerned with logistics. We are the leading freight forwarding companies in Dubai. Logistics include forecasting the demand, labeling cartons, ordering management, inspection, checking warehousing facilities, distribution, etc.


Importance of logistics:


Logistics plays a vital role in the global industry. Some of them are as follows:

Demand is generated because of the proper functioning of the logistics industry. The unobstructed transport and movement of goods ensure that they reach the intended places on time. Thus the products come more people and result in an increase in sales. Customer satisfaction is achieved through a proper supply of products. If the company is able to supply the products as soon as possible,  according to the demand, it results in customer satisfaction. It also creates loyalty in customers. Thus logistics management ensures that customers remain loyal to your product since it is available on demand. We provide the best cargo services in Abu Dhabi.


The improved infrastructural facilities such as roads, railways, and waterways have resulted in a smooth movement of goods. This has resulted in a faster movement of goods from one place to another. International logistics help in acquiring customers from different parts of the world. Demand and supply are to be properly maintained at all times. Logistics is necessary to fill this gap. Unless logistics functions appropriately, demand cannot be met. 


As a dynamic sector, logistics connects different countries and people. As barriers are lifted, foreign trade has increased considerably. When a proper strategy is built for logistics, it works best. Aeron is ranked as one of the top cargo shipping companies in Abu Dhabi. For many years, we deliver products on time, and safely, and have been the trusted partner in logistics for many companies.  


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