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Things to Know About Air-Freight

Standing at the threshold of the 21st century, it has been more than 100 years since the first flight took off. Air transportation has become the most sought-after medium to travel long distances since it’s still the fastest means. No wonder, even many choose to transport cargo by air. Aeron Shipping is the leading provider of freight forwarding companies in Dubai. Air transport is the only quickest way to transport goods from one end of the world to another. Therefore, for commercial operators at the international level, air transport has become the preferred means. 

What is Air-Freight and How are These Aircrafts Different from Passenger Aircraft?


Air cargo transport is the transportation of different kinds of products from one place to another by air. The aircraft used in the transportation of cargo is different from passenger aircraft. These aircraft have more fuselage and an increased capacity than other passenger aircraft. They have more wheels, great landing stability, and even an advanced advantage of landing on less prepared tracks. Unlike the usual aircraft we see, they have many big doors to load and unload goods easily and comfortably. Being the top logistic company in Abu Dhabi, Aeron provides you with air-freight transportation at an affordable cost.


Merits of Air-Freight 



As everyone knows, air transport is the fastest mode of transportation. The goods can be transported to another place within a few hours. On the other hand, it can take days if you select other transportation means.



Air transport has flexible dates and schedules. It allows any freight to reach the destination effectively as well as quickly. 



Air transport has a high loading capacity.  Although the capacity of sea transport is considerably more, air transport also allows goods of various sizes. Small, medium and large-sized products can easily be transported. Aeron is one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Dubai that assures you the safe transportation of all your goods. 



The other means of transport will have to face the barriers of physical borders. But as it is said, ‘the sky is the limit’. Once the flight took off, there are no barriers and resulting in an easier and smoother transportation 



Air transport or planes make can reach any nook and corner of the world. It can reach those places where other transportation modes are unable to reach.


Cargo Transportation 

The most suitable way to transport high-value merchandise, fragile and perishable goods is by air, since it ensures goods reach quickly. 



Once the goods are loaded into the plane, it is stored in a safe and secure place. Safely of the goods is assured in air freight. Safety is Aeron’s main concern and being one of the top moving companies in Abu Dhabi, we provide extra care when transporting sensitive goods.



If it is really necessary, the temperature can be adjusted. Therefore, a specific temperature can be ensured in air transport. All these factors really make air freight one of the best means of transporting goods.


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