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Storage Services

In logistics, storage is a necessary part to fill the temporal gap and steadily supply goods to the market. It is actually the activity of storing products at warehouses and logistics centers. This can ensure a steady supply of goods to the market. It also plays a major role in maintaining quality at warehouses and logistics centers and also the value of products that are being supplied. For example, with the advent of freezers and refrigerated warehouses, the storage function for fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits has dramatically improved. Aeron Shipping is the leading company to provide cargo services in Dubai.

Core Functions of Storage

It is imperative to realize that it is a dynamic operation and it can generate a profitable return on investment when it is employed efficiently. The role of the warehouse actually crucial. Here are a few functions of the storage spaces by the best cargo services in Dubai:


  • Storage 

The primary function of a warehouse is to provide storage spaces required for equipment, inventory, or any other forms of other items. It will offer appropriate facilities to the enterprises especially for storing their goods. This will definitely help in preventing the wastage of items in the stock. This can ensure protection and safety. Such goods will be held from the time of their production units to their use of consumption. Storages are of two types namely planned storage and extended storage. Planned storage is meant for carefully estimated storage which is required to meet the demands of customers in a regular manner. Extended storage is when the space is extended for different purposes like seasonal demand, promotional campaigns, speculative purchases, etc. With excellent services, Aeron Shipping is the best logistics company in Abu Dhabi.


  • Safeguarding of Goods

It safeguards the goods from loss, theft, or damage due to unfavorable conditions. A storage facility can make particular arrangements for different sorts of products. With the storage spaces, one can significantly cut down losses that may occur due to spoilage of goods while they are stored. Providing optimum storage is essential for all sorts of goods.


  • Movement of Goods 

Movements of goods include certain activities like inbound activity, transfer to storage, order selection, and outbound activity. Aeron shipping is providing the best storage spaces for storing different goods and is a leading one among the moving companies in Abu Dhabi.


  • Value-added Services

Actually, a value-based service goes beyond conventional warehousing. Such services will help in optimizing supply chain management. So, this will help generate greater value and deliver products efficiently to customers. The value-added services include bundling, customization, re-branding, re-packing, processing, etc.


  • Information Management 

Warehouses keep track of information about goods and materials. It will have information regarding what materials are sent, stored, and shipped out. Along with this, any other information about the storage can be recorded. Thus, having the best and most suitable storage space is of high importance in a product-selling business. Aeron Shipping is one of the most popular and best companies to provide shipping to the US from Abu Dhabi.


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