International Cargo Service in Abu Dhabi

Documentations for an International Cargo Service

International cargo service is a business that specializes in shipping goods from one country to another. Documentation is an essential part of this process.  Because it provides important information about the shipment, the sender, the recipient, and the goods being shipped. Before shipping your product internationally, must check the rules and regulations of both origin and destination countries. 

As clearing documents is a strenuous task, it is far better to seek the help of a professional cargo shipping company. Aeron shipping is an international cargo service in Abu Dhabi and is known for providing reliable and efficient services to its clients.

Key Documents used in an international cargo service:

Bill of Lading (B/L): 

This is the most important document in an international shipment. It acts as a contract between the shipper and the carrier. Bill of Landing contains details such as the shipment’s origin, destination, weight, and description of the goods being shipped.

Commercial Invoice: 

This document provides detailed information about the goods being shipped. It includes the quantity, value, and description of each item. This is the most basic one and you have to choose the best cargo service in Dubai for a reliable and smooth clearance of all the complications.

Packaging List:

This document provides a detailed list of the items that are being shipped and the number of packages.

Certificate of Origin:

This document certifies that the goods being shipped originated in a specific country. This is issued by the commercial Dept. of the exporting country. For the import customs dept, this is a vital certificate that is proof that the cargo originated.

Insurance Certificate: 

Insurance Certificate provides evidence of insurance coverage for the shipment.

Hazardous Material Declaration:

This document is required for shipments containing hazardous materials and provides information about the type and quantity of hazardous materials being shipped.

Incoterms :

It is an acronym for International Commercial terms. This document is required to clarify the obligations of the supplier and buyer for the shipment and delivery of goods being exported. 



All these documents are crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful international shipment. And it is important that they are complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Apart from the above data, the documentation list can vary from country to country. We must setup it up according to the country’s rules and regulations of each country. Bill of lading and commercial invoice is the mandatory documentation for every international shipment. If you are looking for a trustworthy international cargo service in Abu Dhabi, it will be worth considering Aeron Shipping among other options. We include multi modes of transportation and a most efficient team to solve all your shipping needs.


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