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Cars Shipping

The process of transporting cars to dealers is a process that has multiple steps. Car shipping process actually involves a great deal of planning and consideration to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in cargo. Aeron shipping is the best logistic company in Abu Dhabi to provide best cars shipping services.

How Shipping of Cars are Done?

Although the car shipping services are bit different from older times, there are also some similarities. When an automobile arrives from abroad, it cannot be simply driven from the factory to the dealer by a truck. Instead of this, it has to impart on a multi-step journey which will be involved by multiple modes of transportation.

In order to ship the vehicles to far destinations, they will be placed in cargo ships. There are cargo ships designed for this. It can hold up to 8000 vehicles at a time. It will have multiple decks to maximize capacity. Most ships will hold between 4000 and 5000 vehicles. There are cargo ships especially designed to allow cars for simplify be rolled on and rolled off the ship. Aeron Shipping is the best company to provide cargo services in Abu Dhabi.

Once the vehicles have arrived stateside, they are often rolled off the cargo ship and placed in a storage until they can be picked up for additional transportation. Vehicles are then transported either by truck or rail, depending on the distance they travel to dealership. Trucks are usually used to travel the vehicles through shorter distances and rail is used to travel vehicles through larger distances.

Why Choose Aeron Shipping for your Car Shipping?

Aeron Shipping will transport cars through the most reliable and convenient form. Aeron Shipping guarantees on-time and quick delivery of autos. The excellence in providing best shipping services had made Aeron Shipping as the best car shipping company in Dubai.