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Cargo is any type of bulk goods that is transported via land, air, or water. The term ‘Cargo’ was first used in the context of a shipload. But it is used in a wider context and covers all kinds of freight such as transport by truck, rail, van, container, etc. ‘Freight’ is more popularly used to refer to the transport of goods using any mode of transportation. Shipping is the most accessible and popular way of good transport. Cargo handling is important to work and securely storing cargo is challenging work. Aeron Shipping provides the top cargo services in Abu Dhabi. Cargo handling is done by skilled, trained, and experienced people. 

Cargo transported through shipping:

As mentioned above, cargo can be transported through various means. One of the commonly used methods of transporting cargo is shipping. Being the leading cargo services in Abu Dhabi, we ensure safe shipping transport.  A number of goods such as food, oils, equipment, and many more are nowadays mostly transported by ships. 

Types of cargo transported through ships are as follows:

  • Container cargo

There isn’t much to describe container cargo as the name explains what it is about. When the goods are transported in a container, it is known as container cargo. As the containers are so spacious, they have huge capacity. Thus, the amount of goods that can be transported through containers is massive. The cargo transported through containers can be anything that varies from clothing, electronics, toys, etc. such huge containers are usually loaded by using machinery as it will be difficult to load and unload with manpower. Usually, these containers will have a specific size and it will be fixed. We offer the best sea freight services in Dubai.

  • Liquid Bulk

As the name suggests, liquid bulk cargo consists of liquid goods which are shipped in huge quantities. Liquid bulk cargo has great significance in economic and domestic terms. Therefore, liquid bulk is considered an important cargo. These cargos contain oils and fuels. Some of the items transported as liquid cargo include alcoholic beverages, vegetable oil, crude oil, unprocessed beverages, petrol, etc. it is considered that the ideal means of transportation of liquid goods is by shipping. Great care is to be given when transporting liquid cargo as they are risky and unstable. Offering one of the best shipping services in Abu Dhabi, we ensure that all the cargo is safely delivered. Liquid bulk cargos contain a double bottom in order to prevent leakage if any collision happens.

  • Dry bulk

Dry products and materials used for construction purposes come under dry bulk. It contains materials such as cement, sand, grains, coals, iron, coals, and even salt and sugar.  They do not come in packages and are transported in huge quantities. Lorries and wagons also play a significant role in the transportation of dry bulk. Some industries that are heavily dependent on dry bulks are the food industry and the infrastructure industry.

  • Livestock

As is evident from the name, livestock cargo contains animals that include animals that are alive. Animals and livestock are transported among many countries. Immense care should be taken in transporting livestock as they need proper care and maintenance.


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