Sea Freight Services in Dubai

What is a Sea Freight ?

Sea Freight is a method used by large-scale businesses to transport expensive and massive goods overseas through cargo ships. Since it is cost-effective, most businesses prefer to use this mode of transportation.  When there is a huge quantity of goods to move, sea freight is best. Aeron is one of the leading companies providing sea freight services in Dubai. 

Sea Freight is a traditional mode of goods transportation as it loads huge amounts of goods. Heavy goods like machines, vehicles, chemicals, etc. are mainly shipped through the ocean.

In sea freight, goods are transported in large metal containers. Sea freight also helps to transport crucial commodities like crude oil, petroleum products, gases,  defense equipment, and aircraft.


What are the Advantages of Sea Freight? 

Cost Effective

Sea freight is the most cost-effective option available to businesses looking to transport huge quantities of goods. It is better when compared with other transportation modes. Sea Freight is two to four times less expensive than air freight.

Best for Heavy Cargo

Heavy or bulky cargo, like machinery, industrial parts, construction materials, large vehicles, etc can be operated and shipped more effectively through sea freight.  And it is not possible in the case of air freight. You cannot move heavy and bulky cargo in planes, while ships can carry all kinds of heavy items.


Ships can transport any kind of cargo safely without any issues. The shipping crew is well trained in handling such cargo and the containers are well sealed and locked for extra security, and the crew members will inspect the cargo regularly during transit.

Environment Friendly

Shipping has a very low carbon footprint as they consume fewer fossil fuels than other transportation modes. Sea shipping makes it a much more eco-friendly and carbon-free environment than other shipping methods.



In ideal conditions, sea freight can take anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks depending upon the distance. But still, there are many factors that influence the time taken to deliver the cargo via shipping. The weather during the transit will also affect the time needed to move the goods by sea.

Transport location is a major factor in duration since some places are farther than other delivery areas. The other factors are the weather condition, documentation, weather, and type of goods. There can also be some unthought delays during the process.

Is it better to ship via sea or air?

Sea and air are both irreplaceable and not interchangeable as a means of transport, there are pros and cons for both methods. Because the goods and their quantities shipped through these are different.

If you are shipping some goods or other important things like documents, any valuable equipment, or anything that has a smaller weight and should be delivered faster, then air freight is preferred to sea freight. While shipping via air, you will have to incur heavy costs. If you are shipping huge loads of goods, shipping via sea is a better option and the costs incurred will be much lower.

Why Aeron shipping?

Aeron is a reputed shipping company providing sea freight services in Dubai. We provide reliable sea freight services in Dubai and anywhere around the world and we have a enthusiastic team of highly skilled sea freight forwarders, who can handle everything from loading the cargo, and  shipping documentation to delivery with the utmost care so that you feel relaxed knowing

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