Shipping Services in Abu Dhabi


All the economic changes in the world have encouraged air and sea charter. This is mainly due to the limitations in commercial transport routes which are experienced throughout the world. The pandemic disease has even worsened the situation. Aeron shipping is the best cargo company that delivers secure shipping services in Abu Dhabi.

What are Air Charter and Sea Charter?

Air charter refers to the hiring of an exclusive service like hiring the entire plane for the transfer of goods. Due to this, it is a particular service and is different from a traditional flight. This is because they are usually used by large companies and with this commercialization means on a larger or continental scale. When we consider sea charter or maritime charter, it refers specifically to maritime freight. It is the economic activity of transport through the sea and here a vessel will be hired to guarantee the transfer of certain company merchandise.

How will the Air Charter and Sea Charter Work?

In air charter, the operation is based on the hiring of a plane, especially for an exclusive flight. This air charter is also known as a private jet charter. It will be for the purpose of transferring goods that of carrying out a certain route, itinerary, and schedule which will be defined by the client or the contracting company. Like maritime charters, the price of each trip has a higher price when compared to a traditional trip. Aeron shipping is one of the best freight forwarding companies in Dubai to delivers the best shipping services.

What is the Difference Between Charter and Regular Services?

The major difference between an air or sea charter and a commercial transportation service is regarding flexibility. It is clear that a private charter will not obey an itinerary that will be imposed by the transport service-providing company. On the other hand, they will adapt to the route regarding the schedule of the contracting company for any of such services.

Benefits of Private Charter

The two important benefits that you can obtain through the air or ocean charter are as follows:

  • Flexibility 

With the use of a private charter, you will not be limited by the programming that the port or airport will determine. Here the flights or ships will depart at a time that best suits you. It will travel in a route according to your need. Aeron Shipping is one of the leading cargo shipping companies in Abu Dhabi which provides the best service.

  • Departure from a Private Terminal  

It becomes easier and more comfortable when boarding the means of transport. Here you have direct access to the plane or ship. Moreover, you don’t need to submit to the intrusive security controls which are required in commercial services.


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