Air Freight Service to Your Desired Destination

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As we can guess, Air freight logistics is the shipment of goods via a chartered or scheduled air carrier. This is a popular choice for shipment of goods especially for many companies as it ensures passage for their goods to anywhere in the world. By providing excellent and convenient services Aeron Shipping is one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Dubai. When goods are transported through air freight, it has an advantage of being taken to their final destination at high speed when compared to other freights. This is especially helpful when the goods transported are time sensitive.

When smaller and medium sized companies are considered, this will allow them to participate in international trade in an effective manner like that of the larger companies. Moreover, shipments that are transported through air carrier will go through a higher level of security than other methods. Thus, making it one of the most secure ways to transport goods. Aeron Shipping is popular as the best international movers in Abu Dhabi. You can have few choices when it comes to air freight like:

  • Consolidated Freight – One flight with many shipments.
  • Back-to-Back or Direct Services – A flight contains one single shipment.
  • Charter Services – When an entire freight plane is chartered for a single air freight delivery.

Advantages of Air Freight

There are a number of advantages that you can enjoy by transporting goods by air. It includes:

  • Efficiency – Air freight is comparatively quick. You can expect your goods to reach the indented destinations within days of sending it. Aeron shipping is the best logistics company in Abu Dhabi to deliver excellent shipping services.
  • Better Value on Smaller Deliveries – Air freight cost is based on weight as opposed to volume. This makes it more cost effective to send smaller deliveries through air freight than by sea.
  • More Traceable – As flights are tracked, shipments are more easily traceable. This is especially good in business shipments as it can give businesses more peace of mind.
  • More Options – Shipping companies are especially able to offer more options to the importer with the air freight. They can pass shipments through consols and direct routes. Aeron Shipping will suggest you best shipping as per your need and convenience. By giving excellent services in this field, Aeron Shipping is the best company to provide cargo services in Dubai.

Less Potential to Damage Shipment – If the goods are not correctly packaged, there are chances to get it damaged. Providing the goods are correctly packaged, air freight is actually a better way of shipping fragile items. This is because there are less chances to get it damaged while in transit compared to sea freight.

Why Use a Freight Forwarder Company in UAE?

A freight forwarder company will assist businesses in the process of transporting goods from one place to another. Aeron shipping ensures you that every point of the journey goes smoothly. We are experts in logistics and arrangements that will enable a smooth process and a piece of mind that their goods will be delivered at the best.